“An Army of Angels” by Caspian Gray

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When Nancy shows up at Jazmine’s front door in the middle of the night, Jasmine is not too surprised, but rather irritated. She must be off her meds again. Used to her friend’s strange behavior, Jazmine does not fully realize just what she was dealing with. It all started at the end of their senior year of high school when Nancy started changing. She feared an apocalypse was imminent and begged her friends to help her build an army of angels to save humankind. Now as adults, Nancy has sunk further into her illness and threatens to take Jazmine along with her on a spiraling journey through insanity and reality.

An Army of Angels

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About the Author
Caspian Gray is a used car salesman who has previously worked as a funeral director’s apprentice, a pet nutritionist, an English teacher in Japan, a Japanese teacher in America, and a crystal healing “expert” in a head shop. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio, where he shares a home with a tall man and a small dachshund.
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