“A Good, Safe Place” by Judith Green

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Lisa. Celeste has such a hard time remembering that name, but she has a hard time remembering most things these days. Lisa is so helpful. Maybe it’s a good thing that Celeste’s daughter, Margery, sent this woman to help out while the family is out of town. Lisa and her husband helped clean Celeste’s attic, and they went through all of her important papers for her. How strange that Margery doesn’t recognize the name when Celeste mentions Lisa on the phone…

A Good, Safe Place

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About the Author
Judith Green is a sixth-generation resident of a village in Maine’s western mountains, with the seventh and eighth generations living nearby. She served for many years as the Adult Education Director for her eleven-town school district, and has twenty-five high-interest low-level books for adult new readers in print. She has stories in eleven of the Best Crime Stories by New England Writers anthologies, and is currently branching out with a novel set in...a Maine village.
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